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Terranova Smart Network

The Terranova Smart Network (TSN) software suite provides end-to-end support for Smart Metering, Smart Grid and Smart Workforce management processes and user workflow. TSN is a vendor agnostic platform compatible with a wide variety of communication technologies and field-based device types. This process-oriented (not device-oriented) out-of-the-box solution comes complete with innovative tools to support rapid and cost-efficient digital transformation. Use TSN to create new and lasting value in a sustainable and secure way within the gas, electricity, and water sectors.


The Digital Enablement Platform for Smart Metering. Perfect for gas, electricity, and water utilities it supports over 100 smart meter models and gives utilities freedom to choose their preferred device and communication technologies.


TSG delivers new heights of operational excellence via interactive management and automation of the distribution network without device compatibility constraints.


The suite dedicated to the implementation of the most popular communication protocols for building intelligent measurement and data collection systems, data concentrators, and custom stack layers.


the highly versatilefield-based information management systemfor utilities


Supports the entire field operations process with a specific focus on the needs of the utilities


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