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Terranova Way is our way of being: we digitize with innovative solutions that create value and sustainability, respecting the values ​​that inspire us in everyday work.
Terranova Way means investing in R&D, training and dissemination of environmental and social awareness. Terranova Way is made up of concrete, documentable and transparent actions, just like our Sustainability Report and our Code of Ethics.

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Who we are

We are innovators, we create solutions and we make complex processes simple. For over 20 years, our mission has been to invest in research and training to guide our customers in the digital transformation process through innovative solutions that exceed market standards and create value and sustainability.

Corporate Governance

We are a Benefit Corporation, we are convinced that companies should be agents of positive change in the world, which is why, in addition to our goals of creating economic value, we want to take responsibility for concrete social and environmental progress. Our impact, also thanks to the software products we develop, is really positive, measurable and also transparent.


We implement policies to promote and disseminate awareness on issues of social, environmental and governance sustainability: for this reason we are not only a partner, but also a guide for our customers. Find out more about our way of interpreting sustainability!


Investments in R&D and strategic partnerships to propose virtuous models, flanked by technologically advanced solutions in step with the times.
Our goal: to guarantee excellent standards of quality, safety and enabling innovative technology, enriching it with increasingly high-performance solutions.


Digitization is our core business, what we do best.
With our solutions we guide our customers in the Digital Transformation path, making complex processes simple and enabling sustainable business growth.

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