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With the new Articles of incorporation it strengthens its commitment to environmental sustainability and social welfare

We are a Benefit Corporation

The decision to become a Benefit Corporation stems from the need to recognise the many best practices we already had in place. Indeed, we are convinced that companies should be agents of positive change in the world, which is why, in addition to our goals of creating economic value, we want to take responsibility for concrete social and environmental progress. Our impact, also thanks to the software products we develop, is really positive, measurable and now also transparent.

Alessandro Vistoli, Terranova CEO




To become one of the market leaders, providing flexible and integrated products that anticipate the needs of our customers by leveraging the extraordinary know-how of our people.

Investing in research and training to guide our customers in the digital transformation process through our innovative solutions, which go beyond market standards and create value and sustainability.

People-oriented: happy people work better.
Responsibility: achieving the goal is not up for discussion.
Tenacity: we give it our all, to the end.
Product quality: we wouldn't know any different!
Integrity: you can trust us.

Our documents

Our Code of Ethics


From our Articles of incorporation:

Furthermore, the Company, in exercising its economic activity in addition to the aim of sharing its profits pursues purposes of common benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards persons, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the economic activity carried out by the company, such as workers, customers, suppliers, lenders, creditors, public administration and civil society.

The Company pursues the following specific aims of common benefit with a holistic approach

Environmental protection

Acknowledging the strategic role of the Planet in the choices and implications of daily actions, through the identification and application of solutions aimed at enhancing the use of renewable energy sources, eco-sustainability and green mobility, as well as any other action aimed at pursuing a constant reduction of the environmental impact, with particular reference to the carbon footprint, promoting the dissemination of its values and objectives with employees, customers and suppliers, pursuing sustainable development, also through the enhancement of territories and their economic and productive fabric.

The Company pursues the following specific aims of common benefit with a holistic approach

Social activities

The promotion, development or sponsorship of social activities to support and assist people suffering from mental-physical challenges, in particular initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of said disadvantages, the promotion and enhancement of social voluntary activities, with the aim of disseminating the values of sharing, positivity and inclusion.

The Company pursues the following specific aims of common benefit with a holistic approach

The work environment

The creation of a work environment in which the people involved can enjoy wellbeing, that enhances each employee as a conscious individual by fostering their human and professional growth and nurturing a sense of belonging, through a high degree of personal motivation and by promoting an environment based on positive relations, a culture of feedback and transparency, appreciation of diversity and respect for the environment, considering the safety and rights of all employees as an absolute priority.

The Company pursues the following specific aims of common benefit with a holistic approach


The promotion of a secular culture of social equality in the business world and civil society, with a focus on gender equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination, whether based on sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or otherwise.


We strongly believe in sustainability as a result of the digital revolution. Thanks to our innovative solutions we become more than partners to our clients, we are guides. We are trustworthy simplifiers who firmly believe in our people and their extraordinary know-how. We are powered by the strong values we practice on a daily basis. The integrity we maintain across all professional and human relationships; the tenacity which pushes us to turn every problem into an opportunity; the responsability we take in reaching tangible results; the care we take of our team, in order to make our people feel valued; and the constant search of the highest quality for our product.
We help our clients keep their promises.

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