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The software solution that supports the entire field operation process with a specific focus on the needs of the utilities sector.






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Field operator


The software solution dedicated to the utilities sector in order to innovate Field Service Management (FSM) processes and the management of field activities.

The TWFM (Terranova Workforce Management) platform allows control over the entire field service management process and work teams.

Through the TWFA mobile app for smartphones and tablets - natively integrated into the TWFM platform - the execution of field activities can be easily and efficiently supported.


  • Security and service continuity (outages, leakages, reporting)

  • Maintenance of distribution network assets (reactive, scheduled and predictive)

  • Meter reading turns

  • Workorder management (activities on meters)


  • Modular: adaptable to the specific business needs of the DSO

  • Scalable: meets the companies' flexibility

  • Easily integrated: easily integrates within existing application maps

  • Integrated: natively integrated with Terranova suite products (TAMM, TSG, Arcoda, etc.)


  • Dedicated to the utilities sector: platform natively engineered on the processes of companies operating in the utilities sector;

  • Customisable dashboard: allows real-time monitoring of the progress of activities and the performance of operators;

  • Route optimiser: enables efficient scheduling of diaries and optimisation of operators' activities in the field through algorithms using Artificial Intelligence;

  • Optimisation of assignments: it has specific tools based on Artificial Intelligence to identify the available and most suitable field operator to carry out the work;

  • Automation of field activities: the TWFA mobile application supports field operators in the collection of data and the correct accounting of the materials used for the work performed.

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