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R&D and strategic partnerships to create valuable models, as well as technologically advanced solutions.

Through our Innovation Hub, we strive to guarantee excellent quality standards, safety and tech innovation, by adding highly performing solutions. Our Innovation Hub's goals are to monitor and evaluate new technologies (AI and more), to support the radical innovation process (OI) and to develop a network of partners.

Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory in Grosseto is a simulation of the gas, electricity and water distribution network. All devices are connected to our data acquisition center and managed by our portals.

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Artificial Intelligence: Developing algorithms that revolutionize business processes
Performance: Highly scalable and parallelizable architectures through the use of innovative technologies
UX: Desktop, Mobile and Web GUIs designed to optimize the user experience
IoT: Multi-commodity proprietary laboratory, very high scalability, device agnosticity
Cybersecurity: Periodic Vulnerability Assessments on all products, advanced tools integrated in the development process

NLP: Ability to understand natural language and interact through it (automatic ticket classification, voice assistants, search suggestions)
▶ Forecasting
: Predict future trends (Churn, Predictive maintenance, Consumption reconstruction, Network regulation)
▶ Constraint Optimisation
: Operational research engine supported by Artificial Intelligence routines
(Route optimizer)
▶ Image Recognition & Computer Vision
: Ability to analyze, process and transform unstructured data (Augmented Reality, Extraction of info from images)
▶ Anomaly detection
: Identify data anomalies, also thanks to advanced clustering (Plausibility of measures)

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