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How can you optimise Field Service Management with Artificial Intelligence?


Increase in business productivity


Reduction of breakdowns in distribution networks

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Reducing maintenance costs

Field Service Manager


25% of field interventions fail on the first attempt. There can be several reasons for this:

• The customer is not present
• Operators arrive late
• The information held by the operators is not correct
• Operators' tools and materials are not effective
• The data needed to report back office activity are incomplete

Field Service Management: environmental impact


Failing a mission at the first attempt can result in dissatisfied customers, wasted resources and failure to meet performance indicators.

With the road transport component now accounting for 20,5% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, a business that fails to optimise operations also risks having a high carbon footprint due to the empty movement of people and vehicles away from the company site.

The software solution for the Field Service Management


Terranova's smart field service management solutions, and in particular the TWFM (Terranova Work Force Management) software solution, make it possible to reduce the ecological footprint of field workers' activities, but also to increase the quality of the service provided, by managing resources efficiently, automatically assigning available resources to different work orders and generating detailed reports on their utilisation.

In addition, TWFM functions use artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the planning of interventions.

To whom is the Field Service Management solution dedicated?

For rapid intervention 
with an offline device

For more planning of
activities on the grid

For better management 
of data received

AI in operations

Artificial intelligence is propelling the utility sector towards a different concept of grid maintenance. Did you know that the use of mathematical models can help you optimise the activities of field teams and the management of collected data? Find out how to increase productivity by 25%, reduce breakdowns by 70% and cut maintenance expenses by 25%.

FIeld Service Management for the utiliies

What Field Service Management is and how an efficient FSM system can help companies to streamline their operations.

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We support companies in the gas, electricity and water sectors who need to control and manage their meter fleets and grids built up over time through different hardware providers, but also to efficiently organise the activities of field teams, without any risk or complexity, from a single ready-to-use, easily integrated and remote platform.

With Terranova's software solutions, we make it easier to deal with multiple hardware vendors and control the grid because we automate data management, which, as a result, does not require normalisation, and we reduce the margin of error in the first field operations due to a better quality of the data received.



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