wM-Bus Library

Wireless M-BUS Library, integral part of Terranova Smart Meter Libraries Suite, is provided with the ability to manage acquisition of measurement data from the central system as well as to communicate with data concentrators and mobile devices.


The library has a modular architecture where a module represents a particular protocol layer. When linked together a set of modules contribute to form a stack of protocols.


In particular the wM-BUS standard stack configuration is composed by the MBUS application layer over the MBUS data link layer or by the wired MBUS application layer over the wireless MBUS data link layer modules.


Terranova Wireless M-BUS software Library has a modular architecture consisting of multiple modules. 


Terranova Object Model was conceived, designed and developed to be independent of the underlying protocol stack and with the aim of easing communication and data sharing between application level modules.


In addition to Wireless M-BUS Library, a LAN Test software can be provided in order to speed up integration activities and application debugging.


Wireless M-BUS Library is an optimal solution for all components of a Smart Metering network and can be efficiently integrated into data collection systems, smart meters, concentrators and finally into mobile devices. Thanks to Terranova Smart Meter Libraries Suite, smart meters are also endowed with the capability to directly communicate with wireless technology including laptops, netbooks, tablets, PDAs.