TSG (Terranova Smart Grid) is a leading software solution specifically aimed at helping distributors achieve operational excellence. It is easy to use, highly configurable and can be tailored to encourage an interactive approach towards managing an integrated distribution network. TSG is technology agnostic so removing barriers to proactive data monitoring, remote reading and control of a variety of devices. Examples include smart regulators, data loggers, gas odorisers, RTU, preheating, and others. Benefit from a smarter distribution grid and use TSG to optimise operations, drive down costs, and deliver your energy more safely and reliably.
At Terranova we believe that IT should positively enable your business and not impede it. Our expertise within smart grid management means that our products and services are best suited to support your business processes. As a leading supplier to the utility sector we take complex processes and simplify them with elegant yet powerful software solutions.
The Terranova design philosophy promotes the following:
  • Interoperability - a truly vendor-agnostic solution, leaving your organisation free to choose the right devices for your network. No more procurement constraints or worries about backward compatibility.
  • Modularity - TSG is modular in design and highly configurable. This means that it can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Scalability - manage changes to your device cohort without compromising software performance.
  • Security - TSG is an elegant yet powerful software solution which utilises the latest security measures. We work in partnership with one of the world’s oldest and well-respected universities to eliminate vulnerabilities. Our advanced cyphering systems are deployed to ensure that your data is protected. Communication channels are also secured for safer operation of front-end applications and devices. Finally, implementation is highly robust and includes authentication and profiling.
Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from partnering with Terranova to help deliver energy more safely and reliably, lower overheads and stay ahead of the competition, download the brochure and contact us. 


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