TSG is the software solution for innovative management of public utility distribution grids such as gas, electricity, water and associated cathodic protection systems. TSG provides dedicated tools to optimise the use and maintenance of corporate assets, data monitoring, remote reading, and remote control. The platform offers functions addressed to the following operational processes:

  • Data representation: TSG supports data search, export and graphic representation functions.
  • Remote management: TSG is designed to guarantee control of the distribution network through integration with devices of the latest generation.
  • Remote control: TSG allows users to change the network status remotely using dedicated commands and functions.
  • Diagnostics and Alarms: TSG provides tools to monitor the network and the devices involved, allowing users to identify criticalities rapidly and securely, even in the case of complex scenarios.
  • Network Profiling: TSG uses profiling techniques to adapt the network, scheduling capacities and pressures based on the real needs of users and the distributor.
  • Simulation: TSG is equipped with an integrated software engine for the fluid-dynamic simulation of As-is and What-if scenarios. The engine was specifically developed for use in the utility distribution network context in collaboration with the IT science department of the University of Florence.
  • Network self-balancing: TSG allows the Distributor to plan and assess the reaction of the network and its component objects in specific scenarios, thanks to integration with the latest generation of smart devices (meters, controllers and data loggers), selecting between either local or central reaction to events, as required.
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