TPS (Terranova Prepayment System) is the software which provides a set of features to streamlines utilities management (water, electricity, gas) thanks to a prepayment system. To achieve this aim, the system relies on tools which manage the whole process chain: from commercial issues thanks to a direct customer relationship management for distributors and retailers, to technical issues by sending directly applicative operations to the meter. The business model for TPS is characterised by the following concepts:

  • Meters can be read or operated remotely. Manual data entry available via keyboard.
  • The system enables prepaid management even on meters which weren’t designed for this purpose.
  • The distributor manages Utility’s services and directly supplies them to the client.
  • Clients purchase top-ups at distributors or retailers.
  • The seller retains top-up sales. Relations between retailer and distributor can occur after the sale (using a trust mechanism) or by purchasing top-up codes.

TPS is a modular system. It comes with a hub containing the basic functions to manage prepaid utilities. It also contains applications which activate and expand said functions depending on the specific role of the meter. The functions provided by the hub (Prepayment Management) to the other components of TPS can be applied to any third party software. This makes TPS an efficient modular system which can be integrated with external systems. One example is its synergy with a third party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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