The Life Green Gas Network" project among the finalist at Life Awards 2019
The Life Green Gas Network

Terranova is proud to announce the nomination to the Life Award 2019 with the Life Green Gas Network Project conducted in cooperation with Pietro Fiorentini and RetiPiù.


The project launched in 2014 had the aim to balance two needs apparently in opposition:  on one side the minimization of the greenhouse emissions that are dangerous for the environment, and on the other side the maximization of the quality standards offered to the final users. Both these requirements were completely satisfied thanks to the development of new technologies that allowed achieving an equilibrium between these two aspects.


The Life Green Gas Network Project demonstrated the feasibility of a new system for the management and control of the pressure regulation in the natural gas distribution network. The project envisaged the development, implementation and test of a new software for the management of the remote communications between the gas network and the control center: the real time data processing allowed optimizing the pressure in every sector of the network in every moment.


The project has been made possible by the synergy between the three partners: RetiPiù, Pietro Fiorentini and Terranova. Retipiù identified and made available the nos. 8 segments with the right characteristics to be indicative of low pressure gas network. Pietro Fiorentini supplied the FIO 2.0 equipment to regulate the pressure according to the settings provided by the Terranova software named TSG. This platform, in fact, collects and processes the data of pressure and flow sent by the FIO 2.0 equipment and the MiniDL Dataloggers installed on the critical points of the network to detect in real time distribution pressure anomalies.


The subsequent large-scale distribution of the system developed through this project will bring a widespread and concrete environmental benefit, without compromise the quality and safety of methane gas distribution networks.