TAMM AMR is the component of TAMM suite dedicated to managing the technological processes of data collection and the main metering groups, in addition to managing the reception of high level commands and parameter lists from MDM, converting them into suitable commands for various Metering Group types and returning results with a standardized structure.

The system implements “independent” planning strategies for the collection of data supplied by metering groups, optimising the contact and communication processes in the light of the criticalities arising from the “gas-day” setting.

TAMM AMR files the data with minimal time depth (time depth is anyway parametrisable), because its function is to provide a data buffer for the MDM system to maximise its performance and efficiency, also in terms of optimised costs of communication with the metering groups.

By implementing the different communication protocols (DLMS, MBUS, and CTR) used by the system to communicate with the metering groups, TAMM AMR interacts with field equipment for various activities, including:

  • Collection of metering data in compliance with the specific maintenance levels and in accordance with details defined based on regulatory provisions (minimum data) and /or as requested by the Distributor (as per the SLA)
  • Regulation of interaction with host system controls for the transfer of information and reception of commands and formulations by means of native interfaces of the Web Service type
  • Integration with multiple Network Managers for meter networks management
  • Initialisation without local configuration by means of a proprietary algorithm
  • Data reading and diagnostics snapshot requests
  • Management of security keys
  • Gas and Water valve management
  • Remote management of device configuration and firmware updates
  • Interaction with multiplatform applications for tablets and smartphones for field equipment management
  • Multilevel alarms management
  • Reliability validation of data received from field equipment
  • Transmission of suitably adapted commands for each item of field equipment

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