TAMM is a multiservice software system designed to automate the processes of remote metering and remote management of Gas, Electricity and Water meters in a smart metering scenario. The TAMM application was designed to support Distribution Companies in managing the processes involved in remote metering and remote management of metering groups for the supplied utilities, in compliance with established functional, efficiency and security standards in different application scenarios:

  • Industrial: TAMM supports point-to-point management of smart meters or smart devices of the latest generation for pressure, volume and temperature correction, installed in industrial environments and interrogated via GPRS / GSM using the DLMS/COSEM and CTR protocol families, among many others. TAMM can manage the entire system, from consumption and metering data to metadata, from the management of alarms and the display of current events, to device diagnostic systems and processing of hourly/daily consumption data, plus a host of additional functions.
  • Commercial: TAMM also supports point-to-point management of the metering groups administrated with smart correction devices, and of meters of the latest generation in which the correction system is directly incorporated.
  • Residential: TAMM envisages specific features for the data acquisition, management and availability. The platform can manage smart meters in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication architecture both, supporting radiofrequency network. TAMM manages also meters with NBIoT communication technology: Terranova has already gained experience in this field, being the first in Europe to roll pilot projects out using this new technology for metering purposes.

At the moment, the Narrow Band Internet of Things technology (NBIoT) is the most promising communication technology for the Utility Metering. Paired with the next generation smart meters, the NBIoT offers a wider variety of advantages compared with the traditional technologies: first of all, it reduces the devices’ batteries usage, supporting longer smart meter life cycle (required by certain nations to be more than 10 years). Moreover, for its higher level of indoor penetration, the NBIoT allows for a better coverage of the meters cohort and a subsequent costs reduction of network management devices.

TAMM is equipped with the following components:

  • TAMM CNM (Communication Network Manager) dedicated to automatic and efficient management of the network of concentrators required to create the 169MHz radio network for connection to the smart meters
  • TAMM AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) for data acquisition
  • TAMM MDM (Meter Data Management) dedicated to managing processes and to integration with other business software applications
  • TPS (Prepayment System) for management of multi-utility supplies (Gas, Electricity and Water) with prepaid billing systems
  • TSML (Smart Meter Libraries) a suite of the most important and widely used communication protocols (DLMS/ COSEM, MBUS and SML)

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