Since 2001 Terranova has been a leading provider of technologies in the Energy & Utilities market, supporting companies in their process of digitization, growth and business and market position consolidation.


All Terranova solutions share the same pattern: they are flexible, modular and tailored to respond to any requirement set by the market.


Renesas, a market leader in the semiconductor industry, and Terranova have set up a collaboration to offer a ready-to-use solution to the market, consisting of a smart electricity meter using a 16-Bit low power microcontroller and a standard DLMS library.


Terranova offers the Smart Meter Libraries Suite to Meters, Concentrators and Gateway Manufacturers for the implementation of the most common and widely used protocols: DLMS/COSEM, MBUS, SML and MODBUS.


The hardware used is a 1-ph, shunt based electricity meter with pre-certified metrology software running on RENESAS RL78/I1C, a member of the ultralow power RL78 microcontroller series.


This reference platform comes with all source files based on Renesas’ development tools for coding and debugging, and allows to reprogram and analyze the metrology kernel using the E1 emulator.


With this turnkey solution, the whole development process of both products has been speeded up significantly, leading to a much shorter time-to-market.


Prompt adaption to standards and customization to regional requirements is continuously addressed, thanks to a dedicated design team, specialized in the development of communication protocols.


With this successful collaboration, Terranova and Renesas have achieved a big step forward towards a complete-system-solution-offering, a partnership which is planned to be extended in the future towards other types of protocols.


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