Pietro Fiorentini Announces First NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter to Comply with EU Directives for Commercial Use
Pietro Fiorentini Announces First NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter to Comply with EU Directives for Commercial Use_1

Pietro Fiorentini said its RSE model Smart Gas Meter with 3GPP NB-IoT enabled connectivity has met European Union approvals. It becomes the first Smart Gas Meter with NB-IoT connectivity on the market to bear the EU’s RED (Radio Emission Directive), MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) and ATEX (Installations in Explosive atmosphere) approvals.


Huawei’s “GLocal” (Global Local) IoT ecosystem, to support the growth of NB-IoT technology through partnerships with industry specialists, supported the product’s development. As part of this ecosystem, Huawei’s joint NB-IoT Open Labs working with European carriers provided Pietro Fiorentini with a pre-integration testing environment to explore the potential capabilities of NB-IoT as well as integration of the end-to-end solution ahead of the trial and commercial phases. Terranova provided additional expertise by jointly developing the NB-IoT specific Data Acquisition System, Meter Data Management and Network Manager to ensure seamless connectivity and overall solution integration.


NB-IoT technology for Smart Gas Metering is now available for TAMM users


Terranova announces that the innovative technology NB-IoT is now available for the Gas Distribution Companies through its smart metering software solution TAMM (Terranova Advanced Metering Management).


Now that the first Smart Gas Meter equipped with NB-IoT connectivity is released on the market, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with its partner Pietro Fiorentini, Terranova provides the software solution to manage this new technology with a complete set of functionalities.


TAMM is a multi-service and multi-device software designed to support and automate all the business processes related to smart metering: from data collection to validation and dispatching to ERP system. The meters equipped with the NB-IoT technology have been integrated in the application, which provides features and benefits, with the added value of being communication-agnostic: TAMM in fact can manage NB-IoT devices all together with devices that uses other technologies.


In collaboration with the Connectivity Providers, TAMM main modules (AMR Automatic Meter Reading, CNM Communication Network Manager, MDM Meter Data Management) together with Pietro Fiorentini’s RSE NB-IoT Smart Gas Meters constitute an End-to-End NB-IoT Metering System.


In 2014 Terranova was among the first European companies experimenting with the NB-IoT emerging technology also participating, in partnership with Pietro Fiorentini, to the dedicated Ecosystem promoted by Huawei. NB-IoT was and still is the technology destined to bring a paradigm shift to the remote data reading scenario: increasing access to devices, reducing communication costs and minimizing investments.


The Pietro Fiorentini RSE Smart Gas Meters with NB-IoT connectivity are successfully managed by TAMM in several trial projects worldwide (Italy, Spain, China, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Iran) and the solution is definitely available for the market.


TAMM is ready to be used and represents the enabling software platform for innovative Gas Utilities Companies who want to implement NB-IoT, namely the most advanced technology in Gas Smart Metering industry.


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