DLMS Library

DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) Library, integral part of Terranova Smart Meter Libraries Suite, is a software library providing all features required for quick and easy implementation of multiservice Smart Metering solutions for gas, water and electricity.


DLMS Library is a modular architecture library implemented as a set of modules, each associated to a specific communication protocol. Library modules can be stacked together to form whole protocol stacks.


In the three-layered structure of the DLMS stack, the top layer, i.e. the DLMS application layer, is mounted either on a HDLC-based Data Link layer or on a wrapper module.




Terranova Object Model is independent of the underlying protocol stack. It was conceived, designed and developed with the aim of easing communication and data sharing between application level modules. A LTU (Local Test Utility) software can be additionally provided in order to speed up integration activities and application debugging.


DLMS Library is a unique software solution, which can be optimally integrated into all components of a Smart Metering network: data collection systems, smart meters, concentrators and mobile devices. Thanks to Terranova Libraries Suite, Smart Meters can directly communicate with wireless technology including laptops, tablets and PDAs.