Corporate Acquisition
Corporate Acquisition_1

Terranova and Pietro Fiorentini announce to have acquired Tecnosystem Group, the well-known Italian company active in the field of data acquisition and data management for pipeline cathodic protection


The acquisition of Tecnosystem is part of the Pietro Fiorentini path aimed to offer, at international level, a set of integrated solutions for the Natural Gas industry. A vision constantly enlarged to embrace the Smart Metering and Smart Grid scenarios.


Today Pietro Fiorentini group offering spans, seamlessly, from gas pressure regulators to gas meters, from pressure reducing and metering station to gas treatment plants, from remote plants operation service to data management for gas metering.


The participation in Terranova, occurred in 2011, enlarged the activities to the world of specific software for the modern and unbundled utilities. Today, with Tecnosystem entering in the group, the offering is extended to the services related to cathodic protection data management.