Since 2001 Terranova has gone on to become a leading software supplier into the gas, electric and water sectors. We are innovators. We create solutions. We take complex processes and make them simple.

Our expertise within smart metering, workforce and smart grid management ideally places us to best support your business needs. That is why, by working in partnership with our customers, they have benefited from achieving positive and lasting results.

At the heart of this success is our approach to technology which we call the 'Terranova Way'. It is rooted in the belief that IT should positively enable your business and not impede it. With continued investment in research and development our software is powerful and modular in design. It can be tailored to meet even the most complex demands of the utility sector.  

Our success is also rooted in Terranova's most important asset, our people. We encourage a culture of proactive collaboration and individual training to promote personal growth. It is this, which keeps us and our customers ahead of the curve.

Today Terranova serves over 160 customers and as part of Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A our reach now extends globally into 80 countries.



To create lasting value for our customers through our world class software solutions.




To lead the market by sharing our expertise to create powerful and highly configurable solutions that anticipate our customer's requirements and help them achieve positive results.


This quality is about our unwavering capacity to solve problems in a confident and consistent manner. Our strong goal focused approach allows for the rapid delivery of world class solutions. We excel at tackling new challenges and transforming them into revenue generating opportunities for our customers.



Terranova is an 'individual centric' business where people come first. Our working environment encourages respect, inclusivity, collaboration, training and personal growth. The result is energy, creativity, and our ability to grow solid and productive customer partnerships.



We are proud of our strong ethical values. Our work ethic is underpinned by transparency, honesty, reliability and inspiring trust by taking responsibility. It is about valuing our commitments to our colleagues, our business and our customers.



Our solutions are carefully crafted to meet the highest quality standards. Together with expertise of the market, technologies and regulations our product leadership drives positive customer value.


Our colleagues are encouraged to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, exercise autonomy of judgment and decision making. This freedom facilitates rapid sharing of skills, ideas and values to engender a real sense of responsibility. Tasks are better assigned with greater control over outputs, contributing towards solid business growth with lasting impact into future generations.