We are innovators. We create solutions. We take complex processes and make them simple. That’s why since 2001, thanks also to constant research and renewal, we are leader in the Energy & Utilities Market, supporting our clients with their digitalization, growth, business and market position consolidation process.

All our software share a common matrix: they are flexible, modular and specifically developed to meet any requirements emerging from the market. Answer quickly and efficiently to the various needs, supporting the continuous innovation: that’s what “digitalization” and its added value mean for us.

More than 160 Companies use our products every day: to ensure them the best experience, we deploy 250 resources from the Terranova Group. Working together to develop and improve products, our people deliver leading solutions in the traditional sector of Gas and Electricity Distribution and Selling, but they are becoming also stronger in Water Service field, as well as Smart City-oriented projects (Smart Network and Smart Grid) on National and International environments. We strongly believe in continuous education and training of our resources:  investing in the Learning by Doing ensures productivity improvement and personnel’s talent growth.

Our roots are strongly anchored to the Italian soil, but our sight encompasses the international horizon. After consolidating our position as Italian leader, we took up a bigger challenge designing and realizing solutions for international markets, thanks to the logistic support of Fiorentini and its presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.


La nostra Mission

Aiutare i nostri Clienti con Soluzioni di elevata qualità, che superino gli standard di mercato e creino valore nel tempo.

La nostra Vision

Diventare uno dei Leader del mercato, fornendo prodotti flessibili e integrati che anticipano le esigenze dei nostri Clienti sfruttando lo straordinario know how delle nostre persone.