TSG is an innovative Network Management Software offering an integrated and smart approach to the management of distribution network infrastructures for gas, electricity and water utilities.  

The platform offers functionalities addressing following operating processes:

  • Objects Representation  
  • Diagnostic
  • Remote Command/Control
  • Network Profiling
  • Simulation
  • Network Automatic Setting 

TSG provides specific tools to optimize the usage and the maintenance of the Company’s assets, data monitoring and tele-reading, as well as remote control of the network. 


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  • Network ProfilingNetwork Profiling
    Network Profiling

    TSG allows the Distributor to “schedule” changes that will be carried out directly by the network. Profiling the distribution system allows the DSO to better manage its assets, their performances, as well as balance the network and reduce energy waste.

  • Cartographic InterfaceCartographic Interface
    Cartographic Interface

    The user has an at-glance access to the whole network, thanks to the representation of every object on the cartographic layer. To receive all cartographic information related to network elements and enable their visual representation, TSG integrates seamlessly with the Geographic Information System (GIS). 

  • SecuritySecurity

    Data and Controls are completely compartmentalized thus to ensure highest level of security in operation and management both. Terranova allocates extensive R&D resources to focus on this aspect, leveraging the cooperation with the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa

  • Service ContinuityService Continuity
    Service Continuity

    Achievement of business continuity is one of the main concerns of network infrastructure management in public utilities. TSG’s features envisage software installation also into Virtualized Environments according to redundancy criteria.

  • Network ManagementNetwork Management
    Network Management

    TSG provides an integrated and innovative approach to distribution network management with a view to increasing operational efficiency and safety.  The platform aims at represent the devices on site and their diagnostic status, analyze the data and generating alarms, in order to optimize the management of the asset and the work of the operators on site.