TAMM Mobile

TAMM Mobile

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TAMM Mobile is a versatile, multi-platform, multi-standard software which can be integrated with Work Force Management solutions for the meters control on the field.

The main features of TAMM Mobile are:

  • Initial installation and set up
  • Mainteinance
  • Standard Configurationg
  • Gateway

TAMM Mobile meets the need of the Distributor in reducing the management costs and training of the personnel through the adoption of a unified interface for all the connected devices, as well as a pattern of use "by case" (installation, diagnostics, etc.).


  • Multivendor and MultibrandMultivendor and Multibrand
    Multivendor and Multibrand

    A single software for the management of all devices in use in your network

  • MultiprotocolMultiprotocol

    TAMM Mobile implements four main protocols in a lot of versions and variants, with the aim to communicate with the greatest number of the measuring devices currently in distribution

  • MultiplatformMultiplatform

    TAMM Mobile is available in both the Android version and the Windows Desktop, reducing most of the start-up costs

  • Integration with WFAIntegration with WFA
    Integration with WFA

    TAMM Mobile can be integrated with solutions aimed at the management and automation of the Work-Force activity, allowing it to be used in an organic and articulated activity. Its use may be transparent to the operator that continues to use exclusively the work force automation software to which they are used to.