Smart Metering 


Terranova proposes a multiservice software system called TAMM for the automation of the processes for the tele-reading  and remote control of the gas meters towards a Smart Metering System. TAMM supports all the metering processes in all the different contexts managing the consumption record for the industrial, commercial and residential users.


TAMM is widely used in Italy, the first Country committed by law to substitute 20 millions of traditional meters into smart maters


TAMM has been designed to support the Distribution Company in managing the processes of the meter’s telereading and remote control always in compliance with the normative standards but always applicable to the different scenarios. 




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  • InteroperabilityInteroperability


    The software can manage the most important brands of meters and a wide range of communication protocols.
    TAMM supports the managing processes thanks to its parts named MDM, MDR and NM. The software is able to integrate with application maps already in use in the distribution company.


  • ModularityModularity


    The different application’s modules can be adopted gradually and they are customizable and certifies in order to ensure a complete business continuity

  • ScalabilityScalability


    TAMM can manage small amount or a big quantity of meters both, as well as manage different types of meters (industrial, commercial and residential).

    Thanks to the original platform design and engineering, the performances are outstanding and there no limits to the number of devices that can be managed for every context.

  • Safety and SecuritySafety and Security
    Safety and Security

    Thanks to compliance with the highest technical standards for operational excellence and efficiency, Terranova’s products ensure maximum security and protection for distribution companies and their network infrastructures. Terranova allocates extensive R&D resources to focus on this aspect, leveraging the cooperation with the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa.