Terranova is the Energy&Utilities market leader in offering to the Utilities Companies flexible software solutions purposely developed in order to ensure automation of processes and to support the business. To provide actual solutions to its clients, Terranova integrates in its applications the most innovative technologies ranging from personal productivity tools to web based mobile software solutions.

Terranova strongly believes that investment in training is a key factor for its development and, only in 2016, it supplied 182 training courses for an amount of more than 7000 hours.

Terranova costantly invests in R&D activities, with about 230 resources in 7 offices that work together to develop and improve leading products for Distribution and Sales of Gas, Electricity and Water. Furthermore, the Company continues to invest in Smart Network and Smart Grid projects to propose to the world technological networks for the remote control of all public utilities (such as Video surveillance, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Waste Management, Smart Street lighting, Traffic control and information, Air pollution Monitoring, Parking Management, etc…) thanks to the application of innovative technologies in the NB IoT context.

Terranova is involved in many of the most important Smart metering projects in the world. It offers worldwide (especially in Europe and Asia) an integrated technology system and software solutions to create a multiservice network perfectly integrated with a Smart City projects


Corporate Facts

Terranova is 60% owned by the Holding Company Terranova Group and for the 40% is held by the multinational company Pietro Fiorentini, which engineers equipment and systems for the regulation and metering of gas and oil. Pietro Fiorentini is headquartered in Italy but it operates in more than 80 countries with production plants in Italy, France, Hungary, China, and the USA.

The long-term support provided by the profitable partnership with Pietro Fiorentini significantly impacted the Company’s Go-to-Market strategy.

Terranova took a decisive step towards this internationalization process by establishing the first foreign center in Shanghai, China and by expanding its offer to international markets with the first software deliverables on different continents.

The new Chinese center joins Terranova’s other Italian centers: the three historical centers in Florence, Grosseto and Verona where the Company’s central offices are located (Administration, Sales, Marketing, After-Sales Service and Production), and the offices in Milan, Genoa and Rome established to supply a service in proximity to our customers.